Fee Schedules

Self-Administered Plans
Fee Schedule

Annual Trustee Fee – RSP, LIRA, RIF or TFSA

(based on anniversary date)

$135.00 first plan opened

$75.00 second plan of any type opened in
addition to existing plan in Annuitant’s name

Statement Frequency

Semi Annual

Arm’s Length & Syndicated Mortgages

$100 Mortgage Set-Up Fee
$10 Monthly Administration Fee per Mortgage
$25 Advance (post Set-Up)
$100 Transfer In Mortgage
$25 Mortgage Discharge Fee

Private Company/Trust Unit Fees

$75 Purchase or in-kind contribution

Other Fees

$100 Full Withdrawal/Transfer out – Cash
$200 Full Withdrawal/Transfer out – In Kind
$25 Partial Withdrawal/Transfer out – Cash
$50 Partial Withdrawal/Transfer out – In Kind
$25 Unscheduled withdrawals from RRIF/LIF/LRIF
$75 Payments In Kind RIF/LIF/LRIF (1 free per year)
$25 Account research – per hour
$40 Returned item/NSF
$40 Wire Transfer


A late payment charge of 2% is payable on any amounts outstanding after 60 days.

All clients are required to either (i) complete and submit WPTC’s Pre-Authorized Payment form OR Credit Card Authorization form in respect to the payment of fees due, or (ii) maintain a minimum cash balance of $500 in their accounts. All fees are subject to applicable taxes. WPTC reserves the right to recover all out of pocket expenses, and to assess for extraordinary services not specified above.