Self-Administered Accounts

Self-Administered Accounts

Western Pacific Trust Company works closely with Private Issuers and their Investors to facilitate capital raising and investment in the private capital markets.

As trustee for registered plans and TFSAs holding exempt market products, WPTC ensures that close attention is paid to every aspect of the process, from the review of the investment for acceptance into its plans, through the account opening, transfer and/or contribution process, to the maintenance of plans, and ongoing support of issuers and investors.

At WPTC, we understand the frustrations that too often result from dealing with large, faceless financial institutions, and pride ourselves on the personal, responsive and knowledgeable service provided to our clients and business partners, all at competitive rates. (WPTC Fee Schedule)

For a full suite of WPTC account opening documents, please go to (Forms)

Eligible investments for RRSP and TFSA self-administered accounts are prescribed in the Income Tax Act of Canada, and include investments in qualified:

  • Canadian Controlled Private Corporations (CCPC)
  • Private Mutual Fund Trusts
  • Private Corporate Debt Securities
  • Eligible Business Corporations [British Columbia] (EBC)
  • Venture Capital Corporations (VCC)
  • Mortgage Investment Corporations (MIC)
  • Arms-Length Mortgages
  • Syndicated Mortgages

Registered self-administered planholders can view their WPTC accounts online at their convenience through our Client Portal: (Client Portal)


Trusts are an effective vehicle and flexible tool for present and future management of assets. In establishing a trust, there is limitless adaptability to address client requirements, ranging from the most basic to the highly complex, sophisticated or sensitive.

Western Pacific Trust Company offers trustee services, strategic counsel, organizational assistance and will work as necessary with clients’ legal and financial advisors in the establishment of various forms of corporate trust indentures, as well as individual testamentary and inter-vivos trusts.

Our professional staff work closely with clients to ensure that the most tax-effective structures are used to achieve the objectives of its clients.

Fee For Service

WPTC offers professional, confidential support on a fee-for-service basis to companies seeking auxiliary corporate services:

  • Recording secretary for Board and/or Committee meetings; preparation of quality minutes
  • Corporate Registry filings
  • SEDAR filings
  • News releases